Laptops-and-ComputersTechsol has started its operations in Pakistan in 1999 in the field of Information Technology. Techsol provides the custom solutions according to the demands of customers and the needs of market. Techsol is a technology focused company, we provides the solutions according to your technology needs. At the start of the company we were providing support only in PCs.

With the passage of time we have extended our expertise through adding new team members. In 2003 we have started operations at corporate level and added server level support in our portfolio. At the start of 2004 we have started networking division, in this department we have started to provide consultancy and physical support. We have electrical engineer to lead cable laying and network design teams. Due to the market needs we have started security division during 2008, in this field we are providing CCTV and IP based cameras, walk through gates and metal detectors.smart-homes-office-automation-system

In 2011 our country faced swear energy crisis, these crisis made demand for alternate energy. We have decided to start services in solar systems, for this we have signed partnership with world leading solar system providers. In 2013 we have expanded our portfolio through adding Office and Home smart systems. For this Techsol have got dealership from world known Smart Office and Smart Home Company.