Techsol is a certified VMWARE partner to deploy corporate solutions and services. We can help you consolidate your datacenter, virtualize your desktop environment or help you to create your own private cloud. Business demands VMWARE Partners in Pakistanon IT are increasing in today’s competitive market business agility can be the difference between success and failure. Yet most enterprise applications and services are built on top of technology that are challenging to change and costly to manage. Provisioning a new email server or business intelligence engine, for example, can require weeks of waiting just for hardware purchases and system image configurations. Caught between inflexible resources and growing business demand, organizations are looking to cloud computing to provide a more efficient, flexible and cost-effective model for computing – one that allows IT to operate much more efficiently and respond faster to business opportunities. The goal is to enable IT as a Service, and cloud computing provides the technical architecture to deliver it.

 Why VMware?

 VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Today, more than 190,000 customers and 25,000 partners rely on VMware solutions to achieve their business goals. VMware offers a unique, evolutionary path to cloud computing that reduces IT complexity, significantly lowers costs and enables more flexible, agile service delivery.

 Evolving to the cloud

 Virtualization is the essential catalyst for enabling the transition to cloud computing. VMware, the fastest growing VMWARE Partners in Pakistanenterprise software company and virtualization industry leader, builds on virtualization to deliver cloud infrastructure and management solutions that significantly reduce IT complexity. As of August 2009, approximately 85 percent of installed virtual machines in enterprises were VMware based. In the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure, VMware was placed in the leaders quadrant. As the pioneer in x86 virtualization, VMware continues to redefine the scope of virtualization for the new era of cloud computing.

A virtual infrastructure consists of the following components:

A virtual infrastructure consists of the following components:•Bare-metal hypervisors to enable full virtualization of each x86 computer.

  • Virtual infrastructure services such as resource management and consolidated backup to optimize available resources among virtual machines
  • Automation solutions that provide special capabilities to optimize a particular IT process such as provisioning or disaster recovery.